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Christmas Tea Gift Box and Tea Infuser | Organic SOLD OUT
Christmas Tea Gift Box and Tea Infuser | Organic SOLD OUT
Christmas Tea Gift Box and Tea Infuser | Organic SOLD OUT
Christmas Tea Gift Box and Tea Infuser | Organic SOLD OUT
Christmas Tea Gift Box and Tea Infuser | Organic SOLD OUT
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Christmas Tea Gift Box and Tea Infuser | Organic SOLD OUT

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ALL SOLD OUT, Thank you. Unlike the big box guys, we don't have an army of people creating our products, just one little elf, and she can only make just so many! Thank you to all who purchased.

Merry Christmas to the tea lover on your gift list! Now you can satisfy the most ardent tea lover..... with organic whole leaf tea, plus a handmade tea infuser, beautifully presented in our Tea Gift Box. This makes the perfect tea discovery gift too, and has everything you need to get started enjoying real whole leaf tea.


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❄️ 3 beautifully boxed 1 ounce Whole Leaf Organic Teas, enough tea to make 45 or more, 8 oz mugs of brewed tea! All teas are handcrafted by Amitea Organics.
Each box label has ingredients and brewing instructions.

❄️ A handmade tea infuser with Holiday / Christmas Themed Charm and Red, Green and White quality czech glass beads. The charms for this gift box are all top quality, USA made Tierracast pewter.
PLEASE NOTE..We will choose a charm at random for you, stock can get limited as we get closer to the holidays.

❄️ The Kraft gift box, decorated with white snowflakes.

❄️ A matching Snowflake gift tag with twine as shown.
Let me know your "TO AND FROM" when you check out, otherwise a card will be included, but left blank for you to fill. Long messages are not possible on this gift card, but I can include a blank card with your short message inside the box, just let me know.


Please let me know at checkout in the messages box, which 3 teas you would like included from the list below,
otherwise I will choose 3 for you: One Black Tea, One Green Tea and One Rooibos or Herbal.
Occasionally a tea may be discontinued or temporarily out of stock, you will be notified.

BLACK TEA BLENDS please use the first name when ordering, not the (description).

Almond Joy..... (Chocolate, coconut and almond)
Almond Marzipan™ ..... (Almond )V
Baker Street Blend™...Earl Grey with a touch of Smoky Lapsang)V
Black Cherry.....(Cherry)V
Black Magic™...(Black Currant) V
Blueberry Lemonade...V
Bramble Fruit™...(Blackberry) V
Canigao Coconut™ ..... (Coconut Vanilla)V
Caramel Toffee™ .....(Caramel)V
Cascade Peppermint™....(Peppermint)V
Chocolate Chai .....(Vanilla Chai with Chocolate)
Chocolate Mint
Chocolate Therapy.....(Yummy Chocolate tea) 
Classic Earl Grey .....(Earl Grey, no citrus peels/zest)V
Darling Clementine™ .....(Orange)V
Devonshire Cream Tea......(Creamy Vanilla Bean and Bavarian Cream notes)V
Earl Brulee.....(Classic Earl with Caramel)V
Elderberry Wine™ ( A combination of berries and berry flavors)V
English Rose ......( Rich Rose flavor)V
French Earl Grey .....Earl Grey with Lavender)V
Funky Monkey™ ......(Banana, Coconut and Chocolate)
Ginger Earl .....(Classic Earl with Ginger)V
Ginger Peach......V
Ginger Spice™ .....(Rich Black Tea with Ginger)V
Golden Pineapple.....(Sweet Pineapple) V
Hazelnut Creme™ .....Hazelnut and Vanilla)V
Jaffa Spice™ .....(Light Orange with Spices)V
Just Peachy.....(Peach Apricot)V
Kerala Chai™ .....(Traditional Masala Chai with Vanilla Bean)V
London Fog......(Vanilla earl Grey)V
Luscious Lemon™ ....(A very lemony tea)V
Maple Chai™ .....Traditional Chai tea with dried maple syrup and flavor)V
Maple Cream™.....(Maple and Vanilla)V
Mellow Mango™ ....Aromatic and fruity)V
Mulled Wine™.....(Fruits and Spices)V
Old Silk Road™ ....(Blended smoked tea)V
Persian Rose™ .....(Rose tea with Cardamom)V
Pomberry™....(Pomegranate Cranberry)V
Royal Raspberry™ .....(Raspberry)V
Shalimar Chai™ ......(Traditional Chai with aromatic roses)V
Siam Chai ™.....(Traditional vanilla chai with creamy coconut)V
Strawberry Shortcake™....(Creamy Strawberry)V
Summer in Provence™.....(Vanilla Bean and Lavender) V
Wild Blueberry.....V

Please use the first name and not the description when ordering

Aloha Pineapple™.....(Pineapple)V
Citrus Rose™.....(Grapefruit and Rose)V
Damson Plum.....(Plum)V
Lemon Ginger.....(Lemon and Ginger, no flavors)V
Lemon Drop™.....Pure Lemon Joy)V
May Jasmine™.....Green tea scented with Jasmine Flowers, no flavors)V
Moroccan Mint......(Spearmint, no flavors)V
Raspberry Dream™.....(Raspberry)V
Shinjuku Spring™..... ( Cherry and Rose)V
Strawberry Papaya.....(Strawberry and Papaya)V
Sweet Ginger™.....Ginger Root and Crystallized Ginger Green Tea, no flavors)V

Please use the first name and not the description when ordering

Bahama Breeze™...(Green Rooibos and Banana, Mango and Pineapple)V
Bavarian Custard™.......(Vanila Bean Green Rooibos)V
Caramello™ .....(Green Rooibos,Caramel)V
Caramel Apple ......(Green Rooibos, Caramel and Apple)V
Cardamom Rose.......Rose and Cardamom)VV
Coconut Macaroon.....(Green Rooibos, Coconut and Vanilla)V
Elderberry Rose™ ( Elderberries, rose and lavender,Red Rooibos)V
Gingersnap......( Green Rooibos, Ginger, no flavors) V
Lemon Spice™.....Green Rooibos with Lemon and Ginger) V
Honey Chai™......( Honeybush and traditional Chai spices, anise, vanilla)V
Island Time™....(Green Rooibos, Bananas and Coconut)V
Lavender Lemonade™......(Hibiscus, Lemongrass, Lemon Zest,Lavender, no flavors)V
Lemon Meringue™.....(Green Rooibos)V
Lemon Spice.....Green Rooibos with Lemon and Ginger) V
Midnight Mint™.....(Green Rooibos, Spearmint, no flavors)V
Orangetopia™.....(Green Rooibos, Orange)V
Raspberry Crush......(an herbal fruity blend)
Shanti Chai™.......(Green Rooibos, Rose and chai spices)V
Turkish Delight.....(Green Rooibos with Rose)V
Tropical Sunset™ Herbal Tea™...(Green Rooibos, coconut, banana, mango, pineapple)V
Thrive Blend™...(Green Rooibos, Lemon Turmeric, Ginger)V



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