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About Us


I began my tea journey in 2005 when I opened a small tea room inside an art gallery in New York. It was the personalized tea blends that my customers asked me to create that was my eureka moment, and I realized that it had become my main focus.

I started my online business via etsy, a selling platform which was highly successful until 2019, when I realized Amitea Organics, and it's ethos of being handcrafted and small batch was being swallowed up in a sea of ordinary. It no longer served me and so I began my own website, where I find Amitea is free to be what I set out for it to be.....unique, fresh, and in harmony with our precious planet.

I love to create new teas and new gift options and am constantly trying new ideas. I don't have a staff, it's just me, a one woman band, making the very best product I know how, I hope you enjoy your Amitea Organics experience.

Now, brew yourself a cup of tea, and enjoy your journey......................