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HAPPY BIRTHDAY Tea Gift For Her | Organics Sampler
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Tea Gift For Her | Organics Sampler
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Tea Gift For Her | Organics Sampler
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Tea Gift For Her | Organics Sampler
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY Tea Gift For Her | Organics Sampler

Amitea Organics
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Time to Celebrate! Your tea lover will delight in an assortment of handcrafted organic teas for their birthday. Show them how special they really are.
9 happy little gifts in one awesomely cute box!

Your samples are all neatly packaged in our HAPPY BIRTHDAY, eco friendly, USA made gift box.

Each Sample makes 2 Servings for a total of 18 x 8oz mugs


WHAT'S INCLUDED............

šŸŽ 9 Organic Handcrafted Loose Tea Samples (2 Servings each)

šŸ’Ā A Matching "SIP SIP HOORAY"Ā  2.75"x2.50"Ā  (7cmx6cm) Gift Card

(let us know your SHORT message at checkout)

šŸŽ Decorative packaging ...ready for gift giving


šŸ’Ā Optional:Ā  AĀ coordinating 20 pack of our disposable paper tea filters.Ā 
They are perfect for brewing tea at work or for travel. These natural paper tea filters are made of 100% unbleached paper and are eco friendly because they are from sustainably harvested forests.
Single use and disposable, they are also compostable and biodegrade quickly.
Made in Canada



ASSORTMENTĀ of Caffeinated (C) and Caffeine Free (CF) teas, including the following teas.....

Thrive Blendā„¢Ā Green Rooibos,Ginger, Lemon and Turmeric.. (CF)..V
Caramel AppleĀ Green Rooibos (CF)..V
Raspberry Crushā„¢....Herbal fruit tea (CF) V
Hazelnut CremeĀ Black Tea (Vanilla and Hazelnut)..V
Maple ChaiĀ (Traditional Chai with spices and Maple)..V
Black Magic...Black tea with Blackcurrant Flavor)....V
Citrus Roseā„¢Ā Green Tea....Grapefruit and Rose...V
Lemon GingerĀ Green Tea.....V
Shinjuku Springā„¢Ā green Tea (Floral Cherry)...V

CAFFEINATEDĀ SAMPLERĀ Selection which includes the following all organic teas.........

Devonshire CreamĀ Black Tea..V
Just PeachyĀ Black Tea..V
Hazelnut CremeĀ Black Tea..V
Black MagicĀ Black Tea...V
Strawberry ShortcakeĀ Black Tea...V
Lemon GingerĀ Green Tea..V
Raspberry Dreamā„¢Ā Green Tea..V
Shinjuku Springā„¢Ā Green Teaā„¢..V
PlumĀ Green Tea..V


CAFFEINE FREEĀ Herbal Sampler Selection which includes the following all organic herbal teas.........

Midnight Mintā„¢Ā Green Rooibos (Spearmint)..V
Lemon MeringueĀ Green Rooibos ..V
Turkish DelightĀ Green Rooibos (Rose)..V
Elderberry Roseā„¢Ā Red Rooibos (Red Rooibos with Elderberries, Lavender and Rose)..V
Gingersnap CookieĀ Green Rooibos..V
Tropical Sunsetā„¢.. (Banana, Mango Pineapple Coconut Green Rooibos) V
Orangetopiaā„¢Ā GreenĀ Rooibos..V
Honey Chaiā„¢Ā (Honeybush) Vanilla Chai with Anise...V
Caramel AppleĀ Green Rooibos..V

V = Vegan


IMPORTANT NOTES.................

šŸŽĀ Please let me know if you need to substitute any tea and tell me in the "note to seller" box at checkout which one.

šŸŽĀ I reserve the right to substitute any teas on this list should the need arise.

šŸŽĀ Please make sure I have the correct address to mail your gift to. If an item is returned due to incorrect address, an additional charge will be made to re-send, unless it was my fault.
You may not "cancel" an order returned due to incorrect address.

šŸŽĀ Tea Samples shown in photos may not be the ones included in your sampler, please see the lists. Props shown in photos are not included.

šŸŽĀ Ā Shipping Options at checkout: First Class Mail is not insured, Priority Mail includes insurance.

šŸŽ The font color is a sage green / grey, it appears grey on some monitors.


BUYING SAMPLES FOR YOURSELF? Try our self care sampler. (YOU CHOOSE 9 samples)


Ā Please note, some samplers and seasonal samplers are being redesigned and may not be available just yet, thanks for your patience.

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