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Tariff Update, Alternatives to Chinese Goods and USA Grown Teas

Chinese teas can be of exceptional quality and have specific nuances which make them unique and irreplaceable. I am however, researching teas from Korea, India, Africa and other smaller countries such as Vietnam and even some in South America as alternatives in blended teas, but still intend to offer Chinese single origin teas, such as Sencha for example in their unblended state (later in 2019, I hope to have single estate and unblended teas and ingredients available).

What about USA Grown teas? A good question indeed. I have looked into purchasing tea grown in North America, and as yet, non are wholesaling. These tea "gardens" are small and relatively new. Some were grown for their own sales only, and some do not create the quantities needed to wholesale at reasonable prices. Rest assured, when that day comes, I'll be first in line to taste test and purchase!

As an update to my last blog, I now have the new percentages of increases for Chinese teas and products.

On October 2018 a 10% import duty (tariff) was added to Chinese Imports.

On January 1st a further 15% import duty (tariff) was added to Chinese Imports.

I have for now, absorbed these (30% Total) increases. My Tea suppliers, however, did add a 5% increase in October 2018 and a 7.5% increase in January overall (They too have bravely absorbed some of these increases).

On September 3rd 2019 a further increase of  about 1.50% on Chinese Teas and about 1.50% on teapots, tea infusers and other goods will be imposed by my suppliers. At this point I feel I must make reasonable increases accordingly, and they will be reflected in new pricing later this fall.

Chinese exporters are reacting to these tariff increases exactly as expected, by passing those increases on to YOU, the consumer. In no way was increasing import duties going to help the consumer in the USA, as any economist would tell you. This situation is highly undesirable for almost every business in the USA.

Mesh tea ball infusers are made exclusively in China, and cannot be replaced at this time. The quality of the ones I purchase, are tested by a third party for stainless steel quality (i.e) they don't rust! They are well made and I have not had any problems in the many years I have used them, and will continue to do so.

Thank you for your trust in Amitea Organics,



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